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HiCorp operates in the field of Real Estate exploitation management and business. With more than 25 years of experience, HiCorp aims for the sophistication and perfection of each idea.

  • The merger between ITC (1995), ICIC (1997), HiPM (2003) established HiCorp. With three mutually supportive industries: ITC in commerce; ICIC in construction and real estate; HiPM in real estate management, HiCorp marks a new era in restructuring and establishing business strategies.
  • HiCorp's mission is kindred to exquisite perfection.
  • HiCorp provides advanced and innovative services in relation to real estate products. Traditional and familiar business operations will always be preserved together with quality products and services for a modern, youthful and dynamic urban city. HiCorp is committed to promoting urban city development, to join hands in creating a civilized, modern and sustainable community.

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Toà Coninco, Số 4 Tôn Thất Tùng, Trung Tự, Đống Đa

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