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Giới thiệu HICORP

HiCorp operates in the field of Real Estate exploitation management and business. With more than 25 years of experience, HiCorp aims for the sophistication and perfection of each idea.

  • The merger between ITC (1995), ICIC (1997), HiPM (2003) established HiCorp. With three mutually supportive industries: ITC in commerce; ICIC in construction and real estate; HiPM in real estate management, HiCorp marks a new era in restructuring and establishing business strategies.
  • HiCorp's mission is kindred to exquisite perfection.
  • HiCorp provides advanced and innovative services in relation to real estate products. Traditional and familiar business operations will always be preserved together with quality products and services for a modern, youthful and dynamic urban city. HiCorp is committed to promoting urban city development, to join hands in creating a civilized, modern and sustainable community.

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