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Established since 2007 as a trading company, IDOCEAN has gain exclusive rights to import prestigious brands from France, Spain, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, etc.

Our broad customer bas consists all the following: retail stores, gourmet shops, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains as well as other food service channels.

Passion for precision and innovation, we are committed in serving our customers well-trusted ingredients and equipments that meet high standard of food safety and quality level.

Committed in supplying the highest standard of quality and safety, we offer a wide range of beverage ingredients, tools and equipment from prestigious brands such as Lúave®, Loveramics, Teaespresso, Acaia, Éditions Jean Lenoir – Le Nez du Café and Le Nez du Vin, Alcurnia, Monin, Torani, Osterberg, TAPI OKA, Rich, ISI, JTC, Vitamix, etc.

In 2018, IDOCEAN has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification that attests to this commitment.

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TT16 Tam Đảo, Phường 15, Quận 10

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