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Why has an amazing country filled with a rich tapestry of art, culture, history and food…that has beautiful tropical beaches, breathtaking caves and mountain vistas…with strong and proud, yet warm and humble people…failed to attract as many tourists as other countries in the same region?

This sad fact continued to bother a young Vietnamese woman, Ha Nguyen, so much that she was compelled to do something about it. With youthful passion and determination, plus a generous dose of entrepreneurial spirit, young Ha decided she would turn her love of travel into a business that would help her beloved Vietnam gain recognition on the world tourism stage.

In 2005, as part of a national televised ‘Entrepreneur’ competition, Ha and a group of her fellow students wrote a business proposal titled ‘Taste Vietnam with your six senses’. The aim of the proposal was to promote the hidden charms of Vietnam, and bring travellers to taste, feel, smell, touch, see and experience Vietnam in a real and personal way. Such was their passion and commitment to this idea, Ha and her colleagues won the $10,000 USD first prise…and from this Innoviet Travel was born.

The name Innoviet was chosen not only because it reflects innovation on the part of its founder (Ha), but also because it encompasses the innovative spirit of the Vietnamese people. Innoviet’s purpose is to provide customized and truly local excursions for its customers, and at the same time provide opportunity and economic benefits to local communities, as well as supporting and promoting sustainable tourism in Vietnam.

Innoviet provides the experience, you create the memories, your friends and family will hear the stories. Ha loves Vietnam…and because of her passion and commitment to her amazing country, we know you will too.

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