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JD Collection LTD Co. in Vietnam and Lee Jin Corporation in Korean is specialized in manufacturing and exporting fashion clothing, fabric & textile oversea through the ODM system. It is the ODM method of self-design, produces and exports types of clothing from two partner factories.

First of all, our main business is to own design and develop all fashionable clothes. We design and manufacture our apparel lines, so our customers know they are getting the best and unique designs, top quality, and selection at the best price. The main products we focus on as loungewear, Athleisure wear, and Activewear.

CEO is Mr. JD Lee (Jason Lee) – is highly knowledgeable in the clothing manufacturing business. He has over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, specializing in selling the fashion business of fabric and clothing with a global fashion company such as Zara, IC panny, DKNY, Nordstrom department store in the USA, Bershka - Inditex group in Spain. The cloth manufacturing business of the company thrives on creativity, branding, and goof business skills.

Our companies are established to the research and development center, products are exported to many countries and regions like Asia, EU, Korea, and American, we got very well received in these markets.

JD collection LTD in Vietnam and Lee Jin Corporation in Korean ensures that we follow the trend in the fashion industry, we will ensure that we manufacture high-quality clothes for both high-end customers and low earners we want to become one of the people choice wherever how clothes are put for sales. We are very prompt in production and delivery, excellent customer services and satisfaction are at the heart of our company and we are reflected in all what to do...

Another competitive advantage is the wealth of experience of our management team, the management team comprises of professionals who have worked with some leading international brands. Our technique machines and equipment also count towards our advantage especially when it comes to competing with other clothes manufacturing companies. We are committed to providing customers can favorably compete with the best brands in the industry.

Based on "Make a success of the business with", JD collection LTD in Vietnam and Lee Jin Corporation in Korean hopes to create a successful business together with our customer companies in the world.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will provide our heart service.

Contact Information:

JD collection LTD in Vietnam/ Lee Jin Corporation in Korean

CEO: JD.Lee (Jason Lee)

Email: or

Phone Number:

+84 372 394 692 (Vietnam)

+82 10 6288 9119 (Korea)

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18 Hoàng Kế Viêm, Phường 12, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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