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Prodetech Joint Stock Company specializes in the production, which provides mechanical and electrical equipment, and become the leading electrical contractors in Vietnam. With quality management system ISO 9001:2008 , our company has become a manufacturer and reputable contractors for domestic and foreign companies in the field of mechanical and electrical such as: France , Japan , China, Korea , Thailand , Malaysia , Laos , Cambodia .

With experience of working with partners in local and foreign companies for years, we commit to become a trusted partner for your company in the field of mechanical and electrical.

M & E System Manufacturer:

- Rectangular wind tunnel, spiral ductwork, vents, air filter

- Elevator cable tray, electrical cabinets.

- Industrial racks, produced according to customer requirements.

Mechanical & Electrical System Construction Contractor:

- Air conditioning & Ventilation, elevator

- Air compressor system, Oil, Gas, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2

- Water Supply & Drainage, Fire fighting

- Medium & low voltage power system

- Lighting, Fire alarm, PABX & Security system

With the method of design, fabrication, construction package selected together with the management team, engineers and highly skilled workers, who have been trained mechanical and electrical industry development countries. Moreover, the factory system of modern construction and we commit to meet the high requirements of our customers.

Please grateful for the cooperation of our customers.

Wish you good health, successful& happiness.

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Nhà số B5-20, khu đô thị Vinhomes Gardenia, đường Hàm Nghi, Phường Cầu Diễn, Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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