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10-24 nhân viên

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Ranked the 1st place on TripAdvisor for the Best Cooking Class in Hanoi, Rose Kitchen provides an immersive experience in traditional Vietnamese cooking and culture. Our customers are the foreign visitors coming to Hanoi desiring to learn how to make authentic Vietnamese dishes from scratch.

Our cooking instructors will guide the guests through a local market to go shopping for foods. The sounds, sights, smells and tastes found in a typical Viet market are emblematic of daily life here, shaping the contours of Vietnamese cuisine.

We then operate the cooking class in a local villa of 600m2 area with nice garden which is very promising to slacken the furious pace of life. It is an immeasurable experience to enjoy freshness and quietness in our green garden while we are sharing common spiritual values through Rose Kitchen chefs’ cultural stories and tales. 


We are proud of presenting Vietnamese gastronomy to all of international friends through traditional cooking classes, which contribute a meaningful part of experiential travel activities. We have a thirst for being a fire keeper in continuing all of cultural values in Viet kitchen.


We would like to become a credible address for people who visit Vietnam and desire to experience an authentic cultural and culinary experience, to understand how a small kitchen could brighten up the warmness of a family. Come as guests, leave as families!


Your cooking experience will soar with our excellent English instructors who lead you into not only warm smokes of our small kitchen, but also cultural stories and anecdotes hidden behind as if you are encountering an experienced tour guide.

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Số 8A, Ngõ 132 Cầu Giấy

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