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Wetaus's mission is to build up a platform to bring people together through virtual entertainment, creating long-term income for Artists, Producers, transform live music experience by applying breakthrough technologies (Web3, Metaverse).

At a high level, we only have some members until now, we spend our time on market and product research, and the most important is to build up the team from scratch.

Join our team!

A few things that make a significant impact this round are Business Plan, Financial Model, Product Quality and Talent. Therefore, Tech/Product, Finance, MKT, Creativity, Operation are obviously a critical part of that, and we are aggressively looking for the right talents for that support. We have a few initiatives in mind already related to it but we do not have the capacity on the team to develop and implement those projects.

These are tough but high-impact roles. Expand your skill set, perspectives and your network and get an insider's look at entertainment tech and startups. All roles can work remotely but we will sit down together in Hanoi for the first time. All roles require folks who are talented, responsible, detail-oriented, proactive, good communicators, and eager learners. Alas, none gets paid top dollar (besides the fact that we don't have a massive budget, we're looking for missionaries, not mercenaries).

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Up co-working space, No 01 Luong Yen Street, Bach Dang Ward, Hai Ba Trung

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