Công Ty Cổ Phần TM DV XNK Viên Phát

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Giới thiệu Công Ty Cổ Phần TM DV XNK Viên Phát

Founded in 2008, VI PHA JSC provides a large a range of disposable medical devices : surgical gowns, drapes and medical dressing kits.

Made from highly selected raw materials imported from U.S.A and Europe ,VI PHA JSC drapes and gowns

offer to surgeons, nurses and patients the best protection and comfort adapted to the high requirements of the operating theater.

VI PHA SJC is certified with :

ISO 13485:2012 for quality management system for the design and manufacture of Medical Devices certification done by SGS Notified body in 2013;

CE Marking (93 / 42 / EEC - Medical Devices Directive)

Criteria’s that made the success of our products:

Low linting,

Devices sterilized by EO,

Viral barrier, water, alcohol, fluid repellency,

Provide the maximum protection for surgeons and patients,

Easy to use.

Nowadays, VI PHA JSC products are used in many hospitals over Asia, Africa and in Europe. We are proud to provide appreciated products for our customers and above all we still look forward to develop new products to

continue matching hospital’s needs.