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Founded in March 2014, Kie Group is a venture-backed startup and technology group based in Vietnam with a strategic focus on developing impactful products. Our founders have extensive experience in business strategy, tech product development, and used to work in Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, Germany. Our backgrounds come from corporates like SAP, Grab, Line Group, Launch Deck, HarveyNash, Bosch, PycoGroup, Topica Founder Institute (one of the biggest accelerator program for startups).

We have a proven track of records of over 20 projects in an ever-challenging and competitive environment. Our missions are: to support Companies that desire to increase productivity by adopting technology products, processes, methodology; to help Customers build their products from scratch; and to create products that matter.

To that end, we provide a number of services: Software Development, Project Outsourcing, Business Digitization, IoT Edge Computing.

At Kie Group, we foster innovation, nurture talents to be the person who crafts excellent products. As working professionals, we understand what it takes to create high-quality code, build scalable software, and it starts with a good environment, you'll get access to:

  • Our office space with well-equipped amenities 24/7. Besides that, we also focus on personal growth and career path development because we believe creating great software can only be possible with the right people, right teams.
  • Our network of mentors so you can bootstrap your skills.

Our core values:

  • Customer Obsession
  • Operational Excellence
  • Ownership
  • Stay Curiosity
  • Embrace differences
  • Keep the promise
  • Build Bridges, not Silos

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